Extra Credit: This Equals That

Extra Credit: This Equals That
DUE Week 14:Day 2
WHAT TO TURN IN: A series of 6 diptychs conforming to the principles of “This Equals That” (see details below).

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In “This Equals That,” Jason Fulford and Tamara Shopsin have assembled 80 photographs into a kind of game: Each contains a visual echo of the previous one, but it’s not always easy to figure out just how. Sometimes it’s about shape: the askew triangle of the entrance to a theme-park attraction shaped like the top half of a shark’s open jaw, paired with a row of pennants flapping in the wind. Sometimes it’s texture: a close-up of a child’s painted toy jack and the skin of an orange. Sometimes it’s the elusive way a shape conveys a certain kind of movement and mood: the shadow of a tree against a white brick wall is weirdly similar to a giant inflatable ape with its arms up. Each image is juxtaposed with two others, so that you are invited to see two different yet equally powerful aspects of each: the orange, for example, is also set against a shot of a pile of sand with a perfectly round indentation at the top (it seems to be an antlion’s trap), so that between the two you can almost viscerally feel the essence of “roundness.”