Assignment 8: Photography in Three Parts

Assignment 8: Photography in Three Parts
DUE: Week 12: Day 2
How To Turn In: Upload work through this Google Form

PART ONE: Life in a Day
Watch: Life in a Day (see below)
What to Turn in: Google Slide Show of 24 digital photographs, 1 photo for each hour. Follow Google Form for details.

What to do: Create a series of 24 digital photographs, 1 photograph representing every hour of a 24hr period (not a single 24hr period). These photos can depict people, places and things that represent/examine your own personal, physical and mental spaces on any given day. Students are expected to find that which acts symbolically and metaphorically in their lives, and with photography capture those moments, activities, incidents, spaces, and objects. Compiled, these images should say something about their own lives. The goal is to move away from the literal and pay attention to the possibility of something being itself, but also becoming about something else.

PART TWO: Harvesting Line (project idea: Sara Black)
What to turn in: a single collage (you decide the size). Follow Google Form for details, or turn in as an object in class.

As an exercise, we’ll turn toward the world of everyday images as source for making new images.

Focus on collecting “like” images. For example, images of baseball players, images of trees, images of the the color blue, etc. Collect these images, harvesting them in order to create a collage that also acts as a drawing. The key here is to find images that have lines that you can draw with. For example:

Collect your images in 1 of 3 ways (choose one or a mixture) –

  • From a camera
  • From existing printed images
  • From an online source

When you have collected these images I want you to compose a new image that combines your harvested lines and also creates a drawing of a new form. See if you can make a drawing that uses the lines in your images and also relates to what those images are. For example, Cassandra C. Jones uses photographs of lightning to draw animals that jump like lightning!

PART THREE: Before and After: Sorting and Stacking Everyday Objects
Listen to: Radiolab Podcast on Errol Morris’s investigation–link; and read more about it here–link
What to turn in: Google Slide Show of 3 pairs of Before and After images (6 total images). Follow Google Form for details.


Examples from Ursus Wehrli’s latest book, “The Art of Clean Up: Life Made Neat and Tidy.” Credit Chronicle Books

Directions:  I want you to choose something of the everyday. In this exercise, this is something you come across that doesn’t seem significant, but is part of your everyday (see example link above). Once you’ve determined something you want to work with, determine some logic that organizes that which you’ve chosen.

Re-organize this thing(s) based on a logic you determine appropriate. For example: by size, weight, color, etc. Photograph your results.

Some more examples from the book “The Art of Clean Up: Life Made Neat and Tidy.”


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