Assignment 2: Object Form/Definition and Redefinition

Assignment 2: Object Form/Definition and Redefinition (Sara Black’s)
DUE Week 3: Day 1

Project Description:  
As we move through the world, we encounter a variety of 3D forms. These objects and environments are made up of primary and distinguishable elements. These elements include a set of points, lines, planes, negative and positive masses, and simple volumes (cube, cylinder, and sphere).

The further we observe a 3D object, the more in depth our understanding is of its minute complexities.  Such details may include variation in texture, even temperature, or perceived weight (gravity or buoyancy), vibration, or sound.

Taking the selected objects that I have brought to class into your hands, we will use senses other than sight (we will be blindfolded) to perceive this object. When you have felt, heard, and smelled your object, please return your object to the bag.   Write a very complete description of your object.  Use descriptive terms ONLY.  DO NOT NAME ANY PART OF THE OBJECT.  For example, do not write, “composed of metal.”  Instead write, “cool to the touch, and smooth.”  We are attempting to describe the form of this object alone.   Think adjectives rather than nouns.

It is important that you do not look at the object.  Pass your description to the person just to your right.

Using any materials appropriate, use your partner’s description to remake the object. Follow the description as closely as possible.

For Next Class: 

WRITE (by Tuesday): Write a brief reflection (2 paragraphs) comparing and contrasting the form of the object you made to the content (description) of you were provided.


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