Assignment 4 – How I got all that from that?

Assignment 4: How I got all that from that?
Part 4.1 DUE: W5:D1
Turn in: A mind map
Part 4.2 DUE: W5:D2
Turn In: a page long description and explanation of that thing via this form, or below

PART 4.1:
I want you to find something, anything in the world that you don’t have a clue as to what it is, what it’s called, what it does, or what it means. Once you’ve discovered that thing, you are going to do an investigation, answering at least these basic questions by making a mind map (examples), creating relationships between these categories –

Formal and material properties:

  • What is it made of (content)?
  • What does it look like (form)?
  • What is its size/shape/weight?


  • Where is it found?
  • Where was it made?


  • What does it say?
  • Why does it exist?
  • What does it do, what’s its function?

PART 4.2:
Now that you have created a Mind Map as a tool for helping you investigate the thing you found, now I want you to write a page long description and explanation of that thing and what you think your thing is. We’ve been discussing form and content in class and in our reading. Try to fully describe these qualities of your found thing. Our book states that:

The form of a work refers to its totality as a work of art. Form includes the elements, design principles, and composition of a work of art. A work’s form might include, for example, the colors that are used, the textures and shapes, the illusion of three dimensions, the balance, rhythm, or unity of design.

The content of a work of art is everything that is contained in it. The content refers not only to its lines or its forms but also to its subject matter and underlying meanings and themes.

We may think of works of art as containing three levels of content: 1. subject matter, 2. elements and composition, 3. underlying or symbolic meanings or themes.

What to turn in: You will be turning in your thing description (one page), your thing (either the actual thing, or a photograph of the thing). Make certain i your text that you address the question – How did I get all this from that?

Key terms to keep in mind: STYLE / FORM / CONTENT / CULTURE / CONTEXT

*Remember from PART 1/mind Map of this assignment (this might help you write):

    1. Formal and material properties:
      1. What is it made of (content)?
      2. What does it look like (form)?
      3. What is its size/shape/weight?
    2. Context:
      1. Where is it found?
      2. Where was it made?
    3. Meaning:
      1. What does it say?
      2. Why does it exist?
      3. What does it do, what’s its function?

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