Assignment 3: Berger’s Experiment

Assignment 3: Berger’s Experiment
Due: Week 4: Day 1
Turn In: see detailed descriptions below

  • Part 1: 2-3 paragraph analysis
  • Part 2: At least 6 examples (Images only)
  • Part 3: 2 Images with paragraph analysis

Part 1 (written)

Select 3 magazines: 1 aimed at women, 1 at men and 1 at a mixed audience. Analyze the advertising and editorial images in each to see if what Berger says about the social presence of men and women is still true today. Is there any difference in the depiction of men and women in the different magazines, and within each magazine, between the advertising and editorial depiction. See if you can find any similar magazines from earlier decades, and see if you think there have been any significant changes in the way men and women are depicted.

Part 2 (pictorial)

Collect copies of a range of images and make a pictorial essay of your own either to endorse or refute this point the points you’ve made in Part 1.

Part 3 (written and pictorial)

The concluding paragraph of Ways of Seeing, Chapter 3 asks you to make an experiment. You can choose any image of a traditional nude (it does not need to be from the book) and complete the experiment. In addition, choose an current advertisement that uses and reinforces Berger’s argument of the objectified woman. Perform the same transformation. Record your results and observations in a short, critical statement (1-2paragraphs).


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