Assignment 5: Unintended Consequences + Impossible Image


Image: Asha Schechter, Picture 049 (Cardboard Box, Autumn Leaf Red, Funky Monkeys), 2013.

Assignment 5: Unintended Consequences + Impossible Pictures
DUE: Week 7: Day 1
5.1 – A Google Drive Presentation of 5-10 images with captions that create a narrative.
5.2  – a short text description of your impossible picture – email

5.1: After Asha Schechter’s Unintended Consequences
Look through the photos on your phone. Choose 5 to 10 images that you didn’t intend to connect to each other, but that could make a body of work/narrative. Create a web gallery of these images using Google Drive Presentation withof 5-10 images with captions that create a narrative.

5.2: After Jason Lazarus‘ Impossible Pictures
Conceive of a single photo or photo project that is impossible to make.
Post these to your blogs as a single entry.

Two great examples:

  1. A long-exposure photograph of the Big Bang (Gory Gleich)
  2. A collection of 365 self-portraits taken by Elvis in the year leading up to his death (Elise Hibbard)