TTR 12:30-1:45pm
ART 105 / HN1 / CRN 60803
Location: E 107

Prof. Charles Roderick
Office: Building C room 222
Office Hours: MTWR: 9-9:30am | MW: 12:10-3:10pm | TTR: 2-3pm

COURSE DESCRIPTION / OBJECTIVES: This course is a non-traditional introduction to how we study (consume), and make (produce) visual art and culture. From the perspective of artists, theorists, art historians, and philosophers students will actively participate in developing a foundation in visual literacy and methodologies for different ways of looking, discussing, and critiquing traditional and contemporary art media. This includes making art! The student will be introduced to the various processes, materials, vocabulary, and styles that constitute the diverse world of the visual arts. Students will produce projects, both solo and collaborative, aimed at connecting to the course subject of the course and the larger world.


Ways of Seeing by John Berger (via Amazon)

THIS IS PURCHASED VIA AMAZON (or you might find a copy at a local bookstore–call first).

We will also be reading sections of (I will provide digital files, but if you want to purchase a copy, find it here):

Letters to a Young Artist (download)
Peter Nesbett (Editor), Sarah Andress (Editor), Shelly Bancroft (Editor)


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